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How to Parameterize the ''Source file' to take Multiple File's for each iteration

Context - We are supposed to upload multiple files to FUS (File Upload Server), apparently we are able to provide the full path of the file in 'Source File' under 'Multipart/Form-Data' and upload a single file and we are unsure on how to pass multiple files in Source File (attached snapshot) .

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I'm not sure to understand. You would like to upload multiple files at the same time with that POST request?

Or do you want to upload a different file on each user iteration?

For the latter you can simply replace the static path of your source file field by a NeoLoad variable.

That variable will contain the different file names and  have a change policy of "on each iteration". Then under your project folder create sub folder named "resources" and put all your files inside that folder.

In your POST request make sure to add resources\<yourfilename> as path.