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How can one test an AngularJS site?

I have used NeoLoad for several years, using it to test many sites. I use the option to "dynamical execute the page resources" so that no matter what environment I run the test in, I will pull the images and resources that exist, so I don't have to rewrite the test over and over again.

However, we have recently developed new sites using AngularJS. These sites use AngularJS, Ajax, and API calls to load the content of the page, however, when I attempt to record and playback even a simple test, NeoLoad does not even load the api calls, most likely because they are called via JS.

Even if I don't call the resources dynamically, the tool only see the empty base page both on recording and playback so creating variable extractors is impossible.

At this time it looks like I cannot load test any of these new sites. Has anyone else worked with a similar situation? Any suggestions?

Jennifer D.
Jennifer D.

Jennifer D.

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