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How to use CryptoJS HMAC SHA256 in neoload

Service Client:

The request URL is signed with token as private key using CryptoJS.HmacSHA256 and the signature is
then encoded to Base64 string. The encoded signature is added along with the Login to the request
header ‘Authentication’.
For login authentication we need to convert token into above format.


You should be able to execute that JS code in NeoLoad. Download the two JS's to encrypt and encode your message and create them as JS library in NeoLoad from menu "Edit-->JS libraries

Then from a NeoLoad Javascript, call those crypto methods to use them.

You can find some examples on the Internet like from here

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@Nouredine A. I am using this in JS Library and unable to call it to the Javascript element, when i run this it says the method is not defined in JS Library.