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1. Does Neoload support Java Web Start (JWS)? 2. Does Neoload allow using VPN to do the load test?

After recording testing in IE, the NeoLoad only can capture the links in IE, cannot capture the links after Oracle Application pops up(Java Web Start (JWS)).

Lucy Z.
Lucy Z.

Lucy Z.

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Hi, firstly, testing over vpn should be fine if the LG has the vpn installed and runniung.

The second question is more in depth, Neoload supports protocols, it the java applet is communicating over http/s and the java environment on the machine is configured to route traffic via the Neoload recording proxy and, if it is SSL, the Neoload certificate is installed in the JVMs keystore, it should work. But it will all depend on how this applet launched by the JWS communicates