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Neoload isn't capturing a windows authentication login

During recording my application is asking for a windows authentication login before the application login, however Neoload is not capturing the windows authentication part. I spoke with the developer and they stated the windows authentication is using NTLM for its protocol. I confirmed in my controller settings that NTLM is default. I have also tried entering the login credentials to the servers section in the design tab but the script will still not validate. Is there anything else I can try to capture the windows authentication during recording?

Colin E.
Colin E.

Colin E.

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What do you mean by "NeoLoad is not capturing the windows authentication part"? This is not something that you will see in your user path if it's what you expect.

If you have a NTLM authentication you need to configure your credentials as server level like you did. Do you get an authentication error?

You may have to enter your login in different format like domain\username or simple username.

Also to confirm that it's NTLM can you check the Authorize HTTP header in your recorded request and check if the ID is starting by YII or TlR