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script recording method for .net thick client?

Hi I need to record a desktop app developed in .net and communicates over TCP/IP. I tried using the below method. "First option is to configure inside your application a proxy (<neoload controller IP>:8090)

If in your application Proxy configuration si not possible, you can launch your application trhough Internet Explorer (configure the proxy in IE and then use IE File menu to open your application Exec file)" from Neotys answers. Didn't help. please suggest a way. No option to add proxy in the application. so I tried adding the proxy 8090 in IE proxy setting with VM's IP address where I try to record. ask me for more info

Shankar N.
Shankar N.

Shankar N.

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So I'm going to assume it's HTTPs (as that's what our recorder records) and the issue is you can't force it to go via a proxy...

Fiddler allows you to set forwarding rules, so in your .Net app, you can just set the server components IP to be localhost:8888 (aka fiddler), Fiddler will then forward it on to the actual server <MyAppServer:9443>. Now in Fiddler you can set a proxy to be used by Fiddler to reach the server, this can be Neoload on localhost:8090

...so .NET Client >>> Fiddler >>> Neoload >>> AppServer