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variable extraction for set of json data

"userID": "xyz",
"customerNbr": "123456",
"customerName": "xyz customer",
"division": "XY",
"userID": "ABC",
"customerNbr": "987654",
"customerName": "ABC CUSTOMER",
"division": "Y8",
"userID": "IYO",
"customerNbr": "737373",
"customerName": "IYO CUST",
"division": "I0",
I have a json data as mentioned above for more than 50 and it is vary from each user login in . i need to pull customer nbr, customer name for the customer number, and division for the customer number.
i tried "customerNbr": "${p_customerNbr}",\s?"customerName": "(\d*?)" regular exp ,but it is not extracted customer name for the customer number. please suggest.

Arulkumar V.
Arulkumar V.

Arulkumar V.

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