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How to resolve error "Cannot start service nlweb-frontend" when upgrading neoload web to the latest version(2.3.0)?


I was upgrading neoload web from 2.2.0 to 2.3.0 but couldn't because i got this error "Cannot start service nlweb-frontend: b'Cannot link to a non running container: /nlweb-backend AS /nlweb-frontend/nlweb-backend' ".

i tried with putting 2.3.0 tag instead of latest as well for nlweb-frontend and nlweb-backend in docker-compose file (docker-compose-all-in-one.yaml) but got the same error.

I looked into the "nlweb-backend" logs but did not find anything related to the error. "nlweb-backend" container is getting exited as soon as it is getting up.

2.2.0 tag is still working fine for me so i do not understand what could be the issue here.

So could someone please help me out if i am missing something important here?


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leeladhar B.

leeladhar B.

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