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VUH calculation

I want a detailed document how to calculated VUH, i know that 1 VUH , is one Virtual user for one hour, but what about ,more complex scenario, or e.g. a simple one like the following test;

ramp up from 1 to 1000 users in 1,5 hour
and then continue with steady load for 30 minutes

so after 1 hour 750 user are active
at time 1,5 hr 1000 users are active

so how many VUH are consumed
2000 ? or 1750 ? and is it possible to configure rampup time /VUH needed during rampup ; different then the final users needed

Arjan B.
Arjan B.

Arjan B.

2 / 100


It will be 2000. It’s from the moment you press play (that is when they are consumed) until the end of the test. Think of it like a football team, you are paying the salaries even if 5 of the players are on the sub bench