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HTTP/2 recording plays back as HTTP/1.1


We're currently implementing HTTP/2, which I'm creating new scripts for.

All my recorded requests and responses show HTTP/2, eg.
Recorded request: GET https://test1.mydomain.com/page HTTP/2.0
Recorded response: HTTP/2.0 200
Also see attached regresp.jpg

However when I check the User Path, all requests and responses are HTTP/1.1.
See settings in attachedcup_adv.jpg

Checked request: GET https://test1.mydomain.com/page HTTP/1.1
Checked response: HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Manually checking https://test1.mydomain.com/page using the console in FF and Chrome shows H2 is enabled (although some scripts are HTTP/1.1 apparently).
See attached protocol.jpg

Checking User Path using the Controller using either Local machine or one of the Load Generators, all requests and responses are also transformed to HTTP/1.1.

Is this a bug, or am I missing some setting?


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Nicolai I.

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