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Initiate a connection to a WetSocket with a standard setting like I do via JavaScript

We used an external service provider who started to use different software to no avail.

We told him about NeoLoad that we had heard about and he started to set it up and provided us with a deliverable with a test report (in attachment 1)

But after verification it seems that these tests are not really relevant because looking at the log on the server side of this produced its test, we see only errors.

Indeed it seems that his test can not even connect to our server via a WebSocket, as simple as I do with a simple JavaScript script (filled in attachment 2)

We observe the errors on our log server (in attachment 3), using NeoLoad, which we do not get using a simple javascript login script.

Can you tell us how to configure NeoLoad in the bet4fun.nlp script (in attachment 1) so that it works at least with the javascript pendant (in attachment 4) for a simple connection with the parameters:

data = {
connexion_token: $('#user').val(),
token_device: randomHexString(100),
version: 52,
type: 'IOS',
public_key: client_public_key,
user_location: {latitude: 48.85661400000001, longitude: 2.3522219000000177}

according to users.csv (provided in attachment 1)

Attachments : https://send.firefox.com/download/fc50441e301e1195/#84ATj...

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