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Why is response part of content missing during replay?

After replay the response is:
{"success":true,"code":200,"message":"Liste des fiches terrains","fieldNameError":null,"fichesTerrains":[]}

During capture the response is in the add file

Olivier E.
Olivier E.

Olivier E.

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Is it really the  recorded response that you provided as i can see some values like "${users.Ref_mission}" which seems to be a NeoLoad variable? 

Also i do not see that "success" in the file you provided and if it was the recorded response i would expect to find it too so i'm confused.


By the looks of it something you are sending the server it doesn't understand. It could be a correlation issue, look at the request you recorded and the request you are sending and compare, there is a button for this is the CheckVU window (request radio button then compare)