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Can i store a session token into a variable and user that variable afterwards?

For a new application im working on we're thiking of using NeoLoad. For our first Proof of concept were trying to login with different users and execute some actions. When we're logging in the response is a uniquely generated token:

We need this token for all the subsequent requests.

Is there a way to store this token and use it for the following steps? I know how to create variables but i dont know how to store the data im getting in.

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If you are new to NeoLoad i would suggest you to look at our Neotys Academy where you can find some tutorials where you can learn how to manage such use case.

Basically you can configure a variable extractor on the request where you get that token in the server response. This token will be stored in that variable extractor variable so you can use it on subsequent requests. It's optional but i would suggest you to create a framework parameter (it's a kind of rule) so it can be applied on each new recording. This way you won't have to handle such token for every new recordings.