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why isn't check user path updating request and response details?

When i rerun the user path, the request and response are not being updated.
The transaction processes successfully but an assertion fails because I am using an extracted value to assert against.
Why is the request and response not being updated?

william S.
william S.

william S.

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Hello William,

As far as I know, Neoload does not automatically update request and response content after checking a user path.

Did you try to explicitly update the recorded content after checking the user path ?
To make a global update, from the check user path menu click on the advanced button -> Update
To make a specific update on a page or request, right click on the request or the response.

If you have made an update and your assertion did not match again, you have a problem with the assertion rule or the application itself.

Best Regards,
Fousseyni B.

Fousseyni is correct that running a checkVU wont update the userpath in your test, however, you will see the latest response to the request in the checkVU window. The variable extractor should extract the value correctly unless the response is not the response you are expecting in terms of layout/structure