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Slack Notification (on premise install)

We are having issues using webhooks with our on-prem neoload web installation. We have our notifications setup to trigger when specific tests start/end. the test button works, send the notification. But, while running a test, the messages are not triggered automatically.

When using the neoload saas neoload web setup, notifications work with no issues. they are triggered automatically and they look great. They just don't seem to work with our on-prem install.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Dan F.
Dan F.

Dan F.

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NEOLOAD_WEB_API_PUBLIC_URL was not set in the yaml file. This is required when an image is included in the webhook. But the Test button does not check the sending of a message with an emdedded image that's why the Test can work and not when a test is really triggered.

When having issue with Webhook you can look at the backend logs of your NeoLoad Web container.