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Neoload Load generator Issue

I usually face issue with Neoload Load Generator availability.Even though it is available at the point of time ,it may throw errror like "Load Generators are unavailable". This issue comes while running the test in jenkins as well. And in next 2 -3 try ,i usually able to run the test. I think if i see the green status of LGs in neoload controller, it means it is available.

Please let me know what else i have to check before running the test so that i can avoid the error.

Abhishek K.
Abhishek K.

Abhishek K.

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The green status means that the Load generator agent is available. But when you start your test the agent will start the load generator process. It's that process that seems to not start or to make to much time to start.

When you start your test you can check your task manager if a new java.exe process is able to start. If yes then maybe the issue is only that it takes too much time. There's a 20s timeout for the LG to start otherwise the controller will give up and you will get that error message.

So again if you do see that java.exe process you should check if you do not have any anti-virus that could slow down the starting process. You can try to increase the timeout in case the issue is just a matter of time but normally 20s is far enough.

This can be configured in the <install_dir>\conf\agent.properties of your load generator. It's that key: lg.start.delay=20000 in millisecond