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Excel list substitution for loop of list of items


Below is my Post parameter, where it lists ICD-10 codes with the name description.

{"workingDiagnosis":"G43.D","description":" Abdominal migraine"}

I could create a csv list of ICD-10 codes and make this variable dynamic, but I do not want to do that because sometimes ICD-10 codes change.

With that said, when I search in my page, it gives me a list of options for all ICD-10 codes available.

How can I make this loop from the list of ICD-10 codes from the first code to the last code listed in my page?

Please see image attached on how the list of codes are displayed in the page.

Thank you

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Create an advanced variable extractor named icd for the ICD code and description, looking at the screenshot (*G43.D - Abdominal migraine") it will be something like

*(.*?) - (.*?)

The pattern will be $1$$2$

then you could loop round icd_matchNbr

entering {"workingDiagnosis":"${icd_${loop_Counter}_g1},"description":" ${icd_${loop_Counter}_g2}}