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Jenkins CI commandLineOptions send to neoload web onprem

I am using the following in my Jenkins CI pipeline. We built a docker template for controller.
dir('neoload_project') {
neoloadRun executable: '/home/neoload/neoload/bin/NeoLoadCmd',
project: "$WORKSPACE/neoload_project/UMV_APIs_TEST.nlp",
scenario: "UMV_HealthChecks",
testName: "First Test (build ${BUILD_NUMBER})",
testDescription: "A short, small load test",
autoArchive: 'true',
sharedLicense: [
server: 'neoload_license',
duration: 1,
vuCount: 51
commandLineOption:"-nlweb -nlwebAPIURL https://neoload.centene.com:8080 -nlwebToken b6bZIFZPzmXH7tgr5q82NJ2A"+
"-L test=${WORKSPACE}/lg.txt"

Nothing gets sent to the on-prem web portal. We can curl from the cloudbees environment so we are pretty sure its not a firewall or certificate.

Exact message: Sending data to NeoLoad Web...
Sending scenario data has failed: test results won't be available on NeoLoad Web.

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Heidi R.

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