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Error messages after installation

I have Neoload 6.7 installed in my system. And i downloaded 6.8.1 from NTS website and after installing the windows version the system thrown the below message popups :-
could not install service "Neoload Controller Service Agent"

could not install service "Neoload Load Generator Service Agent"

But the system launched the neoload 6.8 successfully.

When i retried to install the 6.7 version again i got the same 2 error messages for controller and Load generator.

Please let me know if the neoload is installed successfully with Controller and LG ??

Venkata Suresh Babu G.
Venkata Suresh Babu G.

Venkata Suresh Babu G.

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The error relates to the fact that the 6.7 install created services for the LG agent and the controller agent. The 6.8 install is trying to create the services again with the same names, windows won’t allow this. Your Neoload will work fine except for the services. This can be fixed in Regedit. The services are likely there from the first install, just update the paths to the 6.8 executables