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Auto Healing feature in Neoload

Hi Team,

I have heard that auto healing is a new feature available in market to avoid correlation/parameterization during update from existing script in design phase. Is that feature available in neoload ?

jagadeesh V.
jagadeesh V.

jagadeesh V.

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Dear Jagadeesh,

Yes, NeoLoad has such feature, with two variants: the manually triggered process using a Wizard, and the fully automated process.

I'm talking about the User Path Update feature (Click 'New recording of' in the Start Recording dialog). This feature allows you to merge the new recording with the previous extractors, injected data, etc...

This feature can be automated.

Neotys provides a Selenium driver to automatically update NeoLoad user path when the application changes, based on a Selenium script:

1. Create a Selenium script that replays your test case. Specify Transactions within the script. The Neotys driver has different modes that makes possible to use the same script for functional testing (no interaction with NeoLoad), User Path Update (connects to NeoLoad's Design API) or End User Experience (Send client side measurement to Data Exchange API).

2. Execute the Selenium script for the first time to create your first recording. Then, design your User Path with extractors, validation, data injection...

3. Whenever the application change, update the Selenium script (if needed) and launch it in User Path Update mode. It will update the current User Path and retrieve all the logic as if its was done manually with the User Path update feature (as described above).

Download the Selenium driver and get documentation links on Neotys Labs: http://www.neotys.com/support/neotys-labs#codeAndLibs

More info on User Path Update: http://www.neotys.com/documents/doc/neoload/latest/en/htm...

Feel free to post a comment here if you need any help or if you have any comment. We do our best to help our users automate their processes.