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After Proxy setting in Mobile device(for testing native app.) Internet connection is lost in mobile

I want to use NeoLoad for my mobile native app. My mobile and laptop are connected to same wi-fi. I have done the proxy setting in my android phone. Mobile app can work in offline as well as online mode. After doing proxy setting in mobile i am not able to access internet in mobile, although NeoLoad is able to do recording for offline mode of app. Can you suggest me how can i remain connected to internet in mobile after doing Proxy setting also.
Steps followed for Proxy Setting(android):
Setting --> Wifi --> Connect to N/W --> Advance options --> Proxy(Manual) --> Proxy Host Name (IPV4 address) --> Proxy Port (8090) --> Save

In mobile although wifi n/w is showing connected but after proxy setting internet is not accessible.

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Aditya R.

Aditya R.

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