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How do I replace the URL path with an extracted variable?

I have a URL path for a GET request that is generated dynamically based on a content key that is being generated. I'm easily able to extract the content key from a previous response, but when I replace the Path with the extracted variable and check the user path, the test fails, and it's obvious that the variable isn't being applied.

For example, I extract a variable named, "Ext_Content01", then use that variable right from the variable picker, resulting in ${Ext_Content01} in the Path field. Upon playback, the GET fails, and the url in the playback response text shows:

GET https://www.servernamehere.com/$%7BExt_Content01%7D

So obviously the variable replacement isn't occurring. Am I missing some syntax which allows variables to be used in the URL Path?

Michael K.
Michael K.

Michael K.

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Usually when NeoLoad does not replace a variable it means that either you made a mistake in the name variable or that variable did not exist when it should be used.

Do you extract your value in the same page where you need to use it?