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unable to detect the server in tunnel mode after setting up DNS correctly in mobile device

I have configured the mobile device DNS correctly with the Neoload IP.
The device (mobile) and the neoload are in the same wireless network. The Neoload IP(laptop connected IP) is set as the DNS/proxy in the mobile device. But still i am not able to detect the server while browsing through native app from the mobile device. Can i get a proper guidelines about the configuration with snapshot (preferred) of both neoload running machine and mobile device in tunnel mode. I have gone through the documentation of mobile testing as well but i am not getting the proper solution.
Thanks in advance for suggestion

Subhrajit S.
Subhrajit S.

Subhrajit S.

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It seems that you did the right things so here is what you could test to troubleshoot your issue.

First of all, the goal is to make sure that the NeoLoad server is reachable from your mobile. If you use proxy recording mode instead of tunnel mode, from your mobile browser are you able to reach the NeoLoad proxy when the recording is started? For instance try that URL: where is your NeoLoad IP.

If it works, try to reach any other URL to see if NeoLoad can record them. If it does not work check if you have a firewall on your NeoLoad machine.

If proxy mode is working, try the same but using tunnel mode. You should still be able to record any URL's from your mobile browser.