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Is there any alternative method to install wan emulation driver?

During Installation of WAN emualtion on the remote machine,suddenly connnection to the remote gets disconnected.I found that remote machine got crashed due to Wan emulation driver.So is there any alternative method for installing the driver?

Abhishek S.
Abhishek S.

Abhishek S.

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This issue may happen on virtual machines. On some cases NeoLoad is able to detect that it's a virtual machine and in that case it does not allow the installation of the WAN driver.

The fact that the machine crashed seems to indicate that you are on a virtual machine. Could you confirm?

We know that some Amazon machines could have such behavior. But it may depend on the OS.

The issue is not with the installation process but the fact that your machine can't have the driver. So even if you try different installation method it will probably lead to the same result.